Everything Everything — OCTOBER 11 AT THE TERAGRAM BALLROOM, L.A.

Grade: A

Everything Everything is a little-known British band, but I get the feeling they’re going to blow up, and It’s incredible to be on the front lines of that. With four albums in seven years (and two of those in the past two years), they’re pushing hard to hone their craft and make it big. Following a British tour, they played five shows in the U.S., so we flew down to L.A. from Seattle to see them. They’re that good.

Before I really get into Everything Everything, I need to mention the opening bands. The first opener, with no merch and not listed on the ticket info, was a young woman named Teischa. Originally from Perth, Australia, she was on a world-wide bender of shows. And she was incredible. I am not usually a fan of female singers to be completely honest — even those whose vocal chops I recognize, I don’t often find any female voices that actually resonate with me. Teischa did. Her voice was haunting and soulful, and she filled up the stage by herself, transferring between playing piano and guitar. She wowed me with perhaps one of the greatest lyrics I’ve ever heard: “I’m not broken, but I’m not okay.” Gurl.

I mention the next opener for the opposite reasons. Hailing from L.A., The Palms were basically a boring L.A. band. They weren’t untalented by any means, but especially compared to Teischa and Everything Everything, seemed to have no soul. I honestly just found it an odd pick from such an artistically magnificent band, but perhaps the Brits were not in charge of the opening acts.

As for the Brits themselves, I honestly was too enthralled with their performance to be able to critique anything. I know they played my two favorite songs — Kemosabe and Distant Past — but I couldn’t be bothered to remember the rest of the set list. Their energy filled the room to the point that the actual songs might not have even mattered. (It helped that the venue was extraordinarily set up with great acoustics and just the right amount of filled.) I have generally have a lot of anxiety at shows (will they play my favorite song?? How much longer will they play for?? What if I have to pee??) but Everything Everything entranced me in a way that all those things didn’t matter. In fact, I did have to pee, and I don’t feel like that interrupted my experience in the least. I came out of that bathroom dancing already.

After the show, the band immediately came out and was incredibly nice and loving to all their fans. Alex met them, and, as you can see, was pretty overwhelmed by his emotions.

10/10 would travel to see them again. I wanna be there when they blow up.

As a side note, if you haven’t heard this band’s music, would highly recommend. It is truly indescribable.

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