RHYTHM OF YOUR HEART — Mariana’s Trench


Josh Ramsay has one of those voices that just shakes me to my core. From Mariana’s Trench’s 2006, much punkier debut, “Fix Me,” to their latest 2015, full-on boyband pop, 17-track “Astoria,” they’ve never disappointed. While definitely pop, MT seems to be able to somehow make bubblegum music with incredible harmonies, unexpected melodies, and meaningful lyrics.

“Rhythm of Your Heart,” however, falls flat.

Maybe it’s because it doesn’t have the incredible vocal gymnastics of “Fallout” or any of the “Masterpiece Theater” tracks, but it doesn’t seem to touch me in the same way. It’s fine, but his voice doesn’t penetrate me on this track and almost force me to bang my head and make my its-so-incredibly-good stank face like on other songs. It’s fine, but it’s not good.

While MT doesn’t shy away from trite lyrics and titles, they always seem to turn them on their head: in “Cross My Heart,” the phrase serves as more of a meta we-know-we-sound-like-middle-school-girls thing, and it works; “Pop 101” is a complete farce of everything embodied by the genre; but “Rhythm of Your Heart” doesn’t strike me that way. It just seems like their label was pressuring them to make a record more quickly than they wanted to and they were just like “ugh, okay fine, use this.”

This mix falls flat; the vocals don’t showcase what Josh can do; I just don’t feel anything from this, which is so much different than any other MT track. And it doesn’t seem like they feel anything from it, either.

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