Grade: A

Chromeo seems to be one of those bands that often slips through my fingertips; I always get this feeling of wanting to listen to something upbeat yet intricate — something different — and I can never place it, but I’m pretty sure its Chromeo. Welcome back into my life, guys.

“Must’ve Been” is a wonderful representation of the band as a whole: it’s fun yet cheeky, true yet absurd, fun yet thoughtful. This song particularly reminds me of Thundercat’s “Friend Zone” because of it’s tongue-in-cheek attitude. The track centers around the idea of being under the influence of some type or another when you meet someone — “I must’ve been high when I met you” — and then realizing what you’ve done once you “[come] down like a flight of stairs.”

While the flight of stairs is my personal favorite line, the song is riddled with clever drops: “could be Mary / could be molly / could be you;” “one hit of you and I went through the roof;” “too much of you, I ain’t driving home.” Perfection.

The reason “Must’ve Been” is so brilliant, though, is because it sits right in the pocket, both musically and metaphorically. It’s fun and different, but it’s not so out there that you need time to process it, nor so boring that you don’t want to listen again. I listened to the track on repeat throughout writing this blog, and I never had the urge to turn it off. It’s easily digestible but brings something new with each listen, just like a good piece of art.

That’s also why I gave it an A instead of an A+; I didn’t want to take the novelty away by throwing it too far out of reach.

The real beauty of this track comes in the fact that we’ve all been there. Even if you haven’t ever drunkenly or highly or whatever-ly hooked up with someone, we’ve all had those people in our lives where, once they’re gone, we can’t quite figure out why we ever liked them in the first place. Well, you must’ve just been high.

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