Marshmello feat. Juicy J and James Arthur — You Can Cry

Rating: 3/5

Thank god we have another Marshmello song besides “Wolves” to get overplayed now; honestly, I love SelGo, but enough is enough.

In all seriousness, I’ve been an avid fan of James Arthur since he burst onto the scene with 2016’s “Say You Won’t Let Go.” The young Brit builds a much needed bridge over the gap between pop and blues; other artists like Lady Gaga and Sam Smith have dabbled, but Arthur’s whole aesthetic is based around the soul in his voice, and I’m very glad to see him featured on a track from other big artists.

I don’t see “You Can Cry” having the same impact as “Wolves,” but it’s a solid track in and of itself. Juicy J has never been the most eloquent of rappers, but his rather just-fine skills add to the overall mellow and haunting feel of this track, so it works. (“On the ocean that’s Pacific” is a particularly painful line, but, alas.)

Arthur doesn’t do much in this track besides singing the chorus — it sounds like he just did it once and they remixed it where needed — so we don’t get to hear the real emotion involved in singing a song the full way through, but his voice still shines through and stands on its own. Juicy J’s parts are also rather static, so the song has a rather lullaby feel to it.

This sleeper track will probably sit around 15-20 on the charts for a few weeks and die off, but I’m sure remixes will bump in the club for months to come.

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