Rating: 4/5 stars

This was a good week for singles: Another one of my favorite upcoming artists, James Arthur, was featured on a Marshmello track, and now Jess Glynne, who found success with 2015’s “Hold My Hand” is back with “I’ll Be There.” “Hold My Hand” only made it to 86 on the Billboard Hot 100 — as opposed to Arthur’s track, “Say You Won’t Let Go,” which peaked at 11 — but both of these Brits have more to offer than America seems to recognize.

Glynne reminds me of a young Florence + The Machine, both in her vocalizing and with her fiery red hair. (Aptly, Flo also released a new single this week.) When I first heard “Hold My Hand,” I knew I needed to keep an eye out for Glynne, and “I’ll Be There” doesn’t disappoint. Her voice is just so easy. She somehow combines soul, pop, disco, EDM, and a yodeling-like glide pattern into an incredible genre-blending pop song that you can’t help but bop your head to. It’s so easy for even the most talented of artists and vocalists to get caught up in modern music technology/autotune/whatever, but Glynne has a way of combing her pure voice with generated beats that is nothing short of magic.

Much like Adele, Glynne’s voice is so mesmerizing that what she’s singing about doesn’t even matter; the song itself is a cute little ode to supporting someone no matter what, which we all definitely need, but the lyrics aren’t especially far reaching or insightful. What makes this track, and all of her other songs, is Glynne herself. I could listen to her sing forever, and I’m really rooting for her presence in the States to get the recognition it deserves.

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