Rating: 4/5

This is a sultry jam. I honestly don’t have much to say about this track, because it’s just good. Everything about it coalesces so well: the lyrical melody sinks down into the groove of the clapping/rhythmic beat; Betty’s got the perfect amount of lust in her voice; it flows easy and free, just like a good romp in the sack.

I’ve never seen the 50 Shades movies, but I imagine that “Taste” would be a great theme song for that franchise if it actually cared about consent at all. It’s a jam about a woman who just wants to get laid, and she knows it — and she’s into it.

As opposed to Rita Ora’s “Girls” that came out last week and objectified women instead of owning women’s power, “Taste” is about a woman getting what she wants while still being classy and respectful about it: “I should know better by now / But it’s twenty to two and you know that I want some.” It’s about what the singer wants, not what someone else looks like. Very possible this song is more specifically about giving head, and, gurl, if that’s what you want, get it.

TLDR; if you want to feel powerful and sexy but still maintain your human compassion, “Taste” will get you there.

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