Rating: 3.6/5

Does anyone understand this combination of people? No? Good, me neither.

On the surface, this is potentially the oddest group of people to create a song together, but, somehow, against all odds, Train seems to make it work. Much like my feelings about Tinashe (but in a much better way), it’s hard to even rate “Call Me Sir,” because Train is really on a planet all their own.

Pat Monahan from Train and Cam both recently appeared on American Idol, so I’m hoping that’s what brought on this collaboration. I don’t know where McCoy came from, but I’m glad he’s here adding to the strangeness.

“Call Me Sir” is a cute little ditty about a guy never getting attention unless he’s with his girl, when people start to call him sir. It’s catchy yet chintzy, in true modern Train fashion. We’re definitely past the “Drops of Jupiter” era, but at least they’re consistent. “Call Me Sir” joins the ranks of national hits like “Drive By” and “Hey Soul Sister.”

This type of song writing is truly an incredible talent: Train manages to write songs that are widely appealing, inoffensive, yet not so boring that they’re unbearable to listen to. Pop, country, and, I guess, Travie McCoy fans will all appreciate this track.

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