Rating: 4.1/5

“Over Me” is the third track from G-Eazy’s surprise three-song EP, The Vault, released on May 24 in celebration of his 29th birthday.

G-Eazy has what I like to call “Chris Brown Syndrome” — he’s kind of a shit, and I want to hate him, but his music is just so good that it’s hard to.

The entire EP is wonderful, but “Over Me” stands out both lyrically and musically. The beat is laid back and in the pocket but still powerful and driving. Oftentimes I feel like featured artists on rap songs don’t really add anything to the track, but RJ and Jay Ant sink into their parts like they’ve been in a rap group with G from day one. “Over Me” is ultimately a track about drugs and partying, but I love the wordplay:

I don’t know, it just came over me (hey)

My old bitch over me, she want the sober me (hey)

I don’t know what possessed this foolery

What’s all over me? That’s jewlery

Especially after G’s recent arrest in a club for assaulting a security guard, this idea rings true. While it might seem that G is unapologetic for his actions, I hear this more as a sad acceptance. He doesn’t know what came over him; he doesn’t know how to get away from this lifestyle: “Hennesey’ll be the end of me, this shit’ll finish me….she wants to fuck me right now, I’m like ‘totally’.”

At one point he even says, “yeah, success might have really fucked my head up.” So, maybe he’s not as bad as Chris Brown?

Either way, G deserves the success he’s earned, because this is one solid track/EP. “Power” and “Wasabi,” the other two tracks on The Vault, are also centered around money, power, and fame, so it seems this is something G is really coming to grips with. But, as opposed to other artist who just rejoice about their gobs of cash, you can hear G’s confusion in his voice, and that’s what keeps us listening: his humanity.

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