Rating: 2/5

2009’s “The Ugly Truth” featured “Chainsaw,” a song by a relatively unknown Australian musician by the name of Daniel Merriweather, and here he is again.

My discovery of Merriweather is definitely the best result of my viewing of “The Ugly Truth,” and, after viewing, I started looking into Merriweather’s music. His voice is unique and soulful, and I immediately fell in love with his songwriting. So, I was really excited to see this unknown’s name on a track produced by Diplo and Mark Ronson.

But, surprise! The voice on “Only Can Get Better” not only sounds nothing like Merriweather, but also sounds nothing like a human voice at all. It sounds like Diplo and Ronson could have just used whatever computer animated voice came with their midi stations — or, their own voices, for that matter — and have created the same effect. I’m only puzzled why there’s a featured artist on this track at all.

Other EDM tunes do a much better job at still showcasing their vocalists: see Zedd, who has done a great job at this from his breakout track, “Clarity,” to his recent collaboration with Maren Morris, “The Middle.” Sam Smith’s features on Disclosure’s “Latch” and Naughty Boy’s “La La La” catapulted him to fame. Granted, those tracks are much more mainstream than “Only Can Get Better,” which is definitely a club song, but I still don’t see the logic of distorting someone’s voice to the point it’s unrecognizable.

The rest of the tune is a fine club beat that I wouldn’t be upset if I never heard again. I couldn’t find a proper video, but you can take a listen to the track below:

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