Rating: 3.5/5

* I promised my Lyft driver that I would review The 1975, so this is dedicated to you, Cole!

Upon first listen, “Give Yourself a Try” is uninteresting and repetitive at best, but, upon further listens, it’s just…not that.

This track does have an obstinate guitar pattern repeating throughout the whole three minutes that can seem trite at first, but in the approximately 10 times I’ve listened to it, it’s somehow only gotten more catchy instead of obnoxiously incessant, which might actually make it genius.

“Give Yourself a Try” is the first single from their upcoming album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, and if it’s any indication to what the album is going to sound like a whole, The 1975 fans are going to be divided, a la Sam’s Town from The Killers.

This track contains very quintessential 1975 elements: it’s bright and airy, easily dance-able, and catchy as all get out. But, it’s also much punkier than any of their previous releases. It sounds like The 1975 mixed with All Time Low on Punk Goes Crunk. It’s definitely not bad, but it sure is a shock to hear at first. It grows on you with each listen, though, and that what makes it so infectious. It’s almost as if the repeating guitar part is so forefront that it’s hard to pay attention to anything else upon first listen, but everything in the background — including the vocals — is interesting in its own right. It sneaks up on you.

As opposed to other bands who try to incorporate different styles into their music and drift away from who they really are — like Maroon 5 — The 1975 does a great job here of staying true to their core while switching things up and keeping it fresh.

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