Rating: 3.6/5

This is a beautiful, true example of a duet. Especially because McGrath is relatively unknown, especially compared to Hayes, I was expecting Hayes to take the lead on “Don’t Let Me Forget,” but this is McGrath’s song, and Hayes does a great job of being her support as a featured artist.

A simple ballad, “Don’t Let Me Forget” tells a story about living in the moment and cherishing those rare, beautiful moments. It’s very country in its subject matter, but the instrumentation and country twang aren’t overdone. It seems truly honest, with Hayes added as the love interest character, singing alongside McGrath on the choruses, with MGrath and her buttery voice first and foremost. I could see this being every country millennial’s new number one choice for their wedding song.

McGrath’s voice weaves a smooth melody between chorus and verse. I’m almost more excited by the genius of this being her debut track rather that than track itself. It’s simple but sweet, easy but interesting, and calming but not boring. It’s a brilliant way to debut yourself to the world, especially with Hayes by your side.

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