Rating: 4/5

So, I really, really, really dislike everything I’ve ever heard from Charli XCX….except this track. Her shit bubblegum pop makes my eardrums want to bleed, but “5 in the Morning” is a straight-up trap track, and, while it highly confuses me that she made this, I love it.

A hard-driving beat and T-Pain-like auto tune vocal effects make this a solid trap anthem: “It’s 5 in the morning / I’m busy ballin.” Normally with her songs, after a minute I’m praying for it to end (or changing the station), but, at only two minutes and 50 seconds, “5 in the Morning” leaves me wanting more.

This is a true testament to song choice and genre. Obviously, Charli has seen great success as a pop artist, but this fits her so much better. She’s rough; she’s gritty; she’s unapologetic; she’s “busy ballin.”

There’s not much to the song other than that; its not complicated, but it knows what it is. It rides easy, just like you’re laying back in your car feeling alive, driving with your crew to the next spot.

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