Rating: 4.2/5

“IDWK” knows exactly what it is. It’s a solid, fun, dance track, and it works because that’s all it’s trying to do.

Sidebar: I love Blackbear. If you haven’t checked out Mansionz, you should.

Short for “I Don’t Wanna Know,” “IDWK” tells the story we’ve all been there for:

Who’s loving you?

I don’t wanna know now

Who’s loving you? Who’s touching you?

I don’t wanna know now

Who’s texting you? (Goddamn, who?)

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t

I don’t wanna know now

For me, the best EDM songs — and just all songs, in general — tell some sort of story. We all love a good beat drop, but so many tracks think that a good beat is a satisfactory stand-in for a sever lack of anything else. Your song doesn’t have to be profound, but, if you’re going to have lyrics, they should add something to the song. Otherwise, instrumental music is a thing.

But “IDWK” does exactly that. The instrumentation is EDM-based beats, and the vocals are altered at parts to sound more robotic (mostly in the background), but, for the most part, it still sounds like the human, Blackbear, is singing a song, which is super refreshing. And, what’s more, he’s singing about one of the most relatable human emotions there is: jealousy. We’ve all tried to be friends with an ex and lost our minds. (Not saying you can’t be friends with an ex, but it also doesn’t usually work.)

The beat of this track matches the fervor with which you would tell someone you dated to shut up with if they started talking to you about their current fling. It’s loving but fervent, and it captures the emotion perfectly. Plus, Blackbear’s voice is like pure gold.

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