Rating: 2.8/5

It must be early 2000s comeback week, because not only did Daughtry release a track, but so did Mayday Parade. “Deep End” is very Nickelback-ish in its just-okay-ness, but as one of my favorite American Idol contestants ever, I have a soft spot for the North Carolinian.

Daughtry has never been a great lyricist, and “Deep End” follows suit with such gems as “I am an island, you are an ocean….high as a mountain, deep in devotion.” The rest is just as face-palmingly trite, but Daughtry writes simple songs for simple people, and there’s nothing wrong with that (they used to be my favorite band).

Because I’ve never listened to Daughtry for the deep lyrics, what’s most disappointing about this track is that it doesn’t reach nearly as far vocally as many other Daughtry songs. He doesn’t reach for any notes; his recognizable rock growl is nowhere to be found. Chris’s voice is what drew me to him in the first place, and while he’s obviously still singing on “Deep End,” it’s doesn’t show off his true vocal chops or style.

I’ll still listen to the album when it comes out, but I don’t want Daughtry to fall into the Nickelback abyss. Hopefully the rest of the album showcases his southern grit more; after all, the band is named after him.

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