Rating: this.

In other weird news, Rick Astley released a single this week!!! And it’s in anticipation of his upcoming July 20 album release of the same name!!! Wow.

“Beautiful Life” is definitely an 80s jam, so I guess Astley has just been perfecting this sound for the last 30 years. If it was 1989, this would be a number one hit for sure. In 2018, it’s rather confusing, but I’ll take it.

The middle of the track features Astley…yodeling? It’s not quite a yodel, but it’s definitely not regular singing either. I mean, honestly, given that this track is nowhere near bad — just incredibly confusing and somewhat misplaced — I wouldn’t be surprised if his tour sold out due to pure nostalgia, although I would hope instead of getting an actual show, the concert attendees would just be forced to watch the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” on repeat.


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