Rating: 2.5/5

The band that brought you “Cough Syrup” is back with a track that is, indeed, simpler than their past works. “Simplify” pales in comparison to the band’s past rock-heavy tracks. While Young The Giant has never been “hard,” they usually push their beats towards exciting, and “Simplify” sounds like they threw some chords together and decided it sounded like enough of a song to keep.

“Simplify” isn’t an objectively bad song, but there’s just no oomph. Lyrically, it’s also much lamer than YTG’s hit track “Cough Syrup.” The latter deals with themes of finding yourself in this “wet world ach[ing] for a beat of a drum,” while the deepest “Simplify” gets is “worry about the future, worry about the past.”

There’s just no substance here, lyrically or musically. I actively tried to listen to this song and failed; it just couldn’t hold my concentration, and it’s upsetting that a band with a song as iconic as “Cough Syrup” can just fade into the background.

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