Rating: 4.1/5

Given my previous knowledge of Oh Wonder — which is this haunting song — a synth-pop, peppy beat was not exactly what I was expecting from them, but this pairing with Whethan is great.

“Superlove,” a beat-heavy but not organ-jiggling track, conveys its point simply and concisely: “I can’t go slow / zero to let’s go / my love for you is superlove.” The beats lay somewhere between a rap track and The 1975, giving the song a solid but airy feel that matches the lyrical content. It’s not a love ballad; it’s just a matter-of-fact, here-is-my-love-and-it’s-really-real little ditty. The chorus is light and catchy, and it doesn’t feel old and stale even though it repeats a semi-atypical four times during the three minute track. Instead of changing harmonies like a typical pop track, Whethan distorts the beats differently for the different choruses, making subtle changes that create a big impact.

Oh Wonder, a duo consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, sings the entire track together, with Gucht’s voice taking center stage and West’s added for depth, which matches their other tracks. Their ability to meld voices is what makes Oh Wonder such a phenom, and that’s also what makes them in ideal choice for an electronic track. Instead of having to artificially manipulate the pitch of a female voice to create that more bass sound, “Superlove,” with West, has that already built in.

At the end of the track, the beats drop out, and, except for some subtle manipulation, the vocals shine as they do in the natural world, which is a genius way to end an EDM track. It’s shocking in just the right way. Instead of the music expanding, it contracts, letting a slightly altered human voice do the talking. It makes the final word — “love” — barely recognizable because of the extended vocal cutting, really stand out. “Superlove” really feels like an equal collaboration between Whethan and Oh Wonder, where both parties shine.

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