Rating: 3.5/5

Millennials rejoice: Aly & AJ are back! Being millennials themselves, A & A slide into the twenty-tens just as easily as a creep slides into your dating profile inbox, even though their last release was in 2007. The sisters’ voices are still indistinguishable, but “Good Love” is a steady track that, at best, makes you tap your toes, and, at worst, is fairly pleasant background noise.

This isn’t necessarily a track that you jam out to or dive into headfirst, but it’s a solid, consistent, mid-tempo bop that doesn’t stop your mind from wandering, but captures your attention back from time to time. It’s a perfect song to be on repeat at Forever 21: feel-good-ish and not distracting, but not so repetitive that hearing it over and over would cause the store associates to go mad.

It’s difficult to focus on any of the lyrics except the opening lines — “woke up laughing / naked by the door” — which starkly contrast the rest of song, which only goes as far as to say, “I wanna touch somebody.” But, it’s not even really about touching or sex, it’s about love: “come on baby, give me good love / sometimes touch just isn’t enough.” It’s nice that the duo is staying somewhat true to their Disney-star roots and writing a track that is partially about sex and partially about love, but not in a super overt, let-me-fuck-you kind of way. Also unsure how you wake up laughing, let alone naked by your door, but, alas.

Overall, this is an incredible inoffensive track, which is really quite impressive. I can’t imagine anyone jumping for joy over this song, but I also can’t imagine anyone feeling less than mediocre about it, so, for a return to music after 11 years, it’s a pretty solid start.

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