Rating: 5/5

Demi Lovato is the underrated version of Ed Sheeran: in today’s pop music landscape rife with filler and immaturity, both artists are brutally honest, vulnerable, and magnificent musicians.

“Sober” is Lovato’s admittance that she broke her sobriety, which she has always been very vocal about. In the song, she apologizes to her family and friends who have seen her through her recovery, as well as her fans, who she says she wants to be a role model for.

The track is beautifully written and honestly sung — the sincerity in the breakage of Lovato’s voice has always been a selling point — but the lyrics are what matter here. She’s a woman publicly owning up to her mistakes, and it’s a very difficult task to admit that you were wrong.

It’s great that Lovato apologizes at all, but the truly striking part is the last line, where she apologizes to herself. We grow up not wanting to let our parents, our teachers, our mentors, etc. down, but we never think about ourselves. It’s excruciating to become an adult and realize that the person you disappointed was yourself, because then there’s no one to blame but you.

I hope, for Lovato’s sake, that she really does maintain her recovery this time, but even if she doesn’t, this is a woman that I will always respect — and that will always be one of my role models — because even when she fails, she owns up to it. We’re all human; we all fail. But we don’t all take responsibility for our actions. Demi Lovato is a true warrior princess, and she gets mad kudos just for being who she is.

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