Rating: 4/5

It’s really hard to write a song about the digital age without it just sounding — for lack of a better phrase — really fucking stupid, but Jones pulls it off. The problem with most digital-age-lyrics is that they’re so specific, talking about an iPhone or an Instagram post, and it’s just like, calm down. “Ring Ring” wins because of its subtlety.

“Ring Ring” is, overall, a track about a woman getting sick of being used as a booty call. It’s a tale as old as time modernized with lyrics about apps. This works because instead of anything too in-your-face, Mabel casually sings “but I saw on your story, you’re out til the morning.” While in modern day, this statement is obviously about Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. stories; but a “story” is timeless. This isn’t about social media; it’s about love, and social media just happens to be present.

Uber is a main focus of the song — “no more late night Ubers, baby” is the first line of the pre-chorus — and this works because “Uber” is genericized. I use Lyft 100 percent of the time, but I also say “I’ll get an Uber” 100 percent of the time. “Uber” doesn’t mean “Uber;” it just means a rideshare, and that’s what makes it relatable.

Objectively, this is probably the least important aspect of the track, but it really pushed it over the edge for me. Most EDM tracks, especially that talk about social media and other digital platforms, are completely unrelatable to the older population, but I could see the 50 and over crowd grooving to this just like us youngins.

In regards to the actual tune, Mabel’s voice is hypnotic, and “Ring Ring” has a nice, Caribbean feel through both Mabel’s voice and the backbeat. Great dance track that is also a pretty great song.

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