Rating: 4/5

Every time I see a song title with any mention of birthdays, I’m always a little worried. Even though most iterations of birthday songs are pretty great — see: “Birthday” by Katy Perry, “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih, and, while it’s not in the title, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent — but there’s just so much possibility for it to go horribly wrong.

But, my favorite band from middle school, All Time Low, really showed up.

Not a traditional birthday song, “Birthday” intones, “I need you like I need cake on my birthday.” Absolute necessity, obviously.

Much like the calories of cake don’t count on your birthday, “Birthday” makes you feel like nothing else matters except bouncing up and down like toddler who just saw ice cream. The song is slightly more bubblegum than traditional All Time Low, but still maintains the band’s punk roots. It’s a feel good jam that begs the most bah-humbug curmudgeon to get up and dance.

There’s a fair amount of musicality here, too. While it’s definitely a traditional pop song, there’s a break in the second verse that adds a nice dimension: between “and a lot of spare time to waste with” and “you,” there’s a solid second of silence before a sort of electronic slide into “you,” and it adds a nice pop of emphasis.

A perfect song to roll the windows down and sing along to, “Birthday” has me wishing I wasn’t born in January.

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