The best songs for Fourth of July in Seattle

Because it’s Fourth of July, we’re switching things up at Dan’s Tunes! Read below for a list of songs appropriate for your holiday in S-town.

  1. When you’re at Gasworks and you can’t even get a good Instagram of the fireworks because there are too many people:

2. When you can’t fit onto the light rail because everyone is on their way to City Center:

3. When there’s just TOO. MUCH. EDM. and you need some classic ‘Murica:

4. When Seattle craft beers are too expensive to chug and you just want to get drunk:

5. When you’re mad that the sun is out even though you complained all winter that there wasn’t enough sun:

6. When your friends forgot to buy gluten-free hot dog buns:

7. When the dogs in your neighborhood won’t stop barking at the fireworks:

8. When your transplant friends are a little too patriotic:

9. When you’re protesting:

10. When you’re high and no one has touched the leftovers yet:

11. And, finally, when you’re just proud to be an American:

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